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Aplikasi delivery makanan
Aplikasi delivery makanan

Phone: +62-361-23-8091

Office Hours Monday – Saturday from 9 am – 5 pm Central Indonesia Time

Real Estate Application

An application that allows you to introduce property with an advantage income
Aplikasi Delivery Harga Murah

Cheap and Fast Delivery

With its diverse functions, the development time of this real estate application is fast, contact us and we give you affordable price.

Keranjang Belanja Praktis

Content Adjustment

You can easily update information about the company to improve the performance of the property company that you are running.

Mengelola dengan Mudah

Unlimited Registration

The addition of text and image content can be done freely and property registration can be increased according to server capacity.

Aktivitas Promosi yang Efektif

Easy to operate

No need programming skills to operate. We provide everything you need for real estate application development in easy operation system.

Real estate application is a sales tool that make users easier to find nearby occupancy

Real estate application adopts a system that can be easily accessed through an easy registration process, no need the internet or computer skill.
Specially optimized with easy system configuration.

REAL ESTATE  Application features

Real estate application is a sales tool that makes users easier to find nearby occupancy.
This application adopts a system that can be easily accessed by anyone through an easy registration process without requiring more knowledge about the internet or computers.

YouTube DEMO

YOUTUBE Real estat


You can try this application demo on your mobile device.
Click the following button to download the application from Google Play


Please download the demo version above using your Android device

The real estate application can be used anytime and anywhere through android and iOS devices.

This application can be used by various business genres, depending on your ideas. Very suitable for stores to provide delivery services.

Improve your application functionality with APPKEY.


There are many types of real estate companies that have a variety of business characters depending on the property products they sell. With this diversity, the app will require a multifunctional management system. By combining different contents, the functions and content in the application will also be different.
This real estate application is made to be suitable for each property agent company.


Customization and Adjustment

If you sell directly to customers, you can adjust it to make sales, as well as for rentals, you can adjust it to be a rental system.

In addition to domestic, we also receive requests for making real estate applications for overseas clients who have property businesses.


Application Update Service

Updates and additions content into the application during the development period will be responded immediately.
We also support and respond to your various requests for application development.

Aplikasi Real Estat

Intuitive Admin Panel

Admin panel makes it easy for application managers to make changes to the application content.
This is the control panel page for navigating applications. In other words most of the application settings are here.


Easy operating system

If you use this real estate application, you don’t need further knowledge of internet usage or technical skills.
Because we prepared this application in a ready-to-use form.
You can easily enter the latest information about the company through the admin panel very easily. There will be no problem. And anyone can use this system.


Trusted support

APPSHOP is always ready to assist you in solving problems regarding application operation, addition and content changes, and to provide services for application modification.

Basic Fee


Available in 3 price packages to choose from

Paket Android dengan fitur standar

Android Basic Package Price


Android App

Paket iOS (iPhone) dengan fitur standar

iOS Basic Package Price

iOS (iPhone) App

Paket iOS (iPhone) + Android dengan fitur standar

iOS + Android Basic Package Price

iOS + Android App

Please feel free to contact us for anything