Online Shop Application
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Aplikasi Shopping makanan
Membuat aplikasi online shopping

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Shopping Application Development

Providing an easy shopping application development to meet you needs

Kebutuhan akan aplikasi

App requirements

Due to the rapid spread of smartphones, the use of shopping sites (EC) become a common thing, that has exceeded 80% than before.



By making it as an application, some data will be stored in the device (application), so the search and appearance can be done faster.

Tidak perlu pengalaman

No experience required

Develop high functionality original applications. With the basic computer skill, the app can be done easily even if you don’t understand about IT.

Pengelolaan yang mudah

Easy management

Easy management even by beginners. Let’s this shopping application increase your work efficiency through a simple management screen.

Shopping Applications development at an affordable prices


SHOPPING Application Features

YouTube DEMO

Youtube - Aplikasi Shopping makanan


Please try this application on your device.
Click the following button to download the application from Google Play.


Please download the demo version above using your Android device.

Online Shop application can easily operate online stores.

The online shop application is an easy-to-use solution that allows you to easily manage online stores, promotions and product sales through the android application.
With a simple menu and navigation, you can give customers a smooth shopping experience. You can manage products, categories, news information, notifications, and other information anytime and anywhere by updating data on the management screen.

Shopping application is an application that can sell product and services online.


The benefit of using the shopping application is that we can send information with the push notification function in the EC application and we are just waiting for the customer to come.


You can send information that is expected by the customer like latest information from the store, promotional information and others. Therefore, purchasing level and customer visits will increase. Another advantage of the application is, different from the website, the application can be downloaded and the icon can be displayed as a menu on the smartphone.

Thanks to the application, users can shorten the search process, because users can simply press the application icon, and relevant EC site can already be accessed.


Now, the purchase methods used by customers are various.

With the expand use of the internet, it has enabled us to shop by accessing the EC site via a PC without going to the store. Recently, due to smartphone, the shopping world has become more comfortable, because we can shop anywhere and anytime.


As smartphones are getting popular, it is important to provide a mechanism that makes it easy for us to shop from a smartphone. And one effective tool to realize this mechanism is the EC application.

Aplikasi EC adalah aplikasi

The Online Shopping application provides a service consisting of a set of applications and web management screen.


Connected to database

When user orders a product from the application (front end), information will be connected to the database system on the management screen (back end) on the Web, product delivery instructions and product information will be confirmed.


Product information management

Besides, on the management screen, you can add and change products, categories, currencies, distribution services, news information.
By using this service, you can manage products and display product information in the application in real-time.

Basic Fee


Available in 3 packages price to choose from

Paket iOS (iPhone) dengan fitur standar

iOS Basic Package Price


iOS (iPhone) App

Paket Android dengan fitur standar

Android Basic Package Price


Android App

Paket iOS (iPhone) + Android dengan fitur standar

iOS + Android Basic Package Price


iOS + Android App

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