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The right residential search system by using real estate application. Receive buy-sell and rent property through the application.

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Real Estate Application

An application that allows you to introduce property with an advantage income.

Attractive UI Using Material Design

Material Design is a visual, motion, and interaction provided by Google.
This is a comprehensive (extensive) design guide. APPSHOP uses attractive and easy to implemented material design.

Admin panel feature that makes anyone easier to input or edit

The admin panel is a control panel used as server configuration and management.
You can do most of the settings in the application via the “Admin Panel”.


Several things that need to be considered such as the environment around the place you want to stay and the daily activities that surround the environment.
Real estate application makes you easier to rent or buy the property you desire while looking at the information listed.

Floor Plan

The most important thing when looking for a residence such as a boarding house, villa, housing and others is the layout of the residence. When talking about layout, it will be easier to understand if the layout of the house is displayed.

Property Purpose: Rent – Sell

You can search for property sales and rentals such as boarding house, villas, land, etc., according to the provisions and conditions that have been stated.

Introduction to Staff 【Option】

Can be used as a source of information that is safe and attractive to users.

Application Log-in and Registration

Due to there is a login feature for members, so there is a possibility that users can take over. The requirement of property needs can be known through the user’s personal information that has been registered previously.

Connect directly via social media 【Option】

You can also connect to social media networks via Twitter or Facebook whisch is available at main page.

You can use Google Analytics 【Option】

If you want to upload videos via Youtube, a plug-in installation has been provided to upload videos via Youtube. The possible video format is MP4.

Design adjustments to the sub-page 【Option】

If required, we will also respond for your necessity like changing image display position on the property page and adding an organizational chart feature on company information.

Settings for special page 【Option】

You can also create special pages according to each property category like allowing pets, rental costs at a premium price, occupancy near shopping centers, or close to the school area.

Video Settings【Option】

If you want to upload videos via Youtube, a plug-in installation has been provided to upload videos via Youtube. The possible video format is MP4.

Occupancy Credit Simulation 【Option】

You can do a residential credit simulation on the property page or in the subpage.

YouTube DEMO

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