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The APPKEY partnership agreement is of two types, as follows:

When Doing Business under the APPKEY Name

We will pay the sales fee at the sales order price (tax excluded).

If the correspondence with sales representatives is difficult, such as correspondence support for sales, systems and other products, APPKEY can carry out the correspondence to customers directly.

OEM Sales Partners

You can sell a business with a brand name that your company has already established.

The selling price can also be determined by your wishes.

We will provide support for other systems and products to OEM sales partners.
However, APPKEY cannot directly connect with customers regarding the system and others.

APP SHOP partnership system

which is full of benefits

Enjoy various benefits of being a partner of the “APP SHOP” program.
Let’s join as a new distributor for APP SHOP service products.

Allows you to create products
quality with high profit

Expansion of sales channels
to an undeveloped industry

Increase satisfaction
existing customers

Support in material supply
and assist you in the marketing process

Cancellation level product model
low and high quality

Can be sold and
without any detrimental effects

By becoming an APP SHOP partner,
you can provide application building services!

By becoming an ASP distributor for making APP SHOP applications,
You can fulfill the request of a client who wants to make an application for the shop.

Chance for
create new business!

Improve the ability of sale!

Improve evaluation
and client trust!

With just 3 easy steps
you can start an app sales!

Hanya dengan 3 langkah mudah ini Anda dapat memulai penjualan aplikasi!

Let’s together build a new business foundation
through the APP SHOP program

※Please understand that there is a review from our side before the contract is approved.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for anything.