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Phone: +62-361-23-8091

Office Hours Monday – Saturday from 9 am – 5 pm Central Indonesia Time

ios + android app development

Biaya terjangkau

Affordable Price

APPSHOP providing iOS + android app development service at an affordable price, when developing an app normally requires high prices.

Mendukung berbagai usaha dari segala bidang

Multi genre

APPSHOP can be used in various genres such as groceries, dentists, salons, clothing stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and many other business genres.

embuatan yang cepat

Quick development

Based on the development experience we have done, our iOS + android app development service require less processing time.

Panel pengelola aplikasi

App manager panel

With the intuitive user interface, operating the management screen can be done easily even without any tutorial or explanation.

APPSHOP is a platform where everyone can easily doing iOS + android app development

It costs 10x cheaper than
general application

Development speed is
10x faster than
other similar services!

Admin panel
with intuitive
user interface!

Push Notification 
very effective
as marketing tool!

APPSHOP introduce 4 types of iOS + android app development services

Appshop is now offering 4 kinds of iOS + android development services such as:
appshop-store, which can be used on various store genres,
appshop-navi, a ride-sharing application similar to go-jek,
real estate, an app to find nearby occupancy,
and appshop-shopping; an e-commerce application for online shopping

Clinical Applications Development Service

Application that makes it easy for your patients to make reservations for medical services and medical guidance in caring for the health of your patients .

SHOPPING Application Features

SHOPPING application from APP SHOP is the right solution that allows you to manage online shop, promotions, and product’s sales through the application

NAVI Application Features

Taxi application from APP SHOP is an online transport booking application that is match for car rental businesses, taxi, etc. An applicaton to get.

DELIVERY Applications Features

With the iOS + android app development of delivery apps, we will help you to improve your business’ performance in the delivery sector.

This is an application that can be used in various store businesses with delivery services, such as pizza delivery, sushi, fast food and furniture business delivery, bookstores, fashion etc.

REAL ESTATE Application Features

Real estate application is a sales tool that makes you easier to find a nearby occupancy.
This application adopts a system that can be easily accessed by anyone through an easy registration process without requiring more knowledge about the internet or computers.

STORE Application Features

This service is fit for businesses such as cafes, bars, supermarkets, restaurants, malls, electronic stores, household appliances stores, retail stores, karaoke, beauty salons, entertainment venues, online shopping and any others



Website and Application Package Development Services

Android App + iPhone App + Responsive Website


APP SHOP provides a service package that sells iOS + android application development services along with websites for stores. Affordable package prices start from US$50. Maintenance services are also available. No need a piece of special knowledge about IT. Anyone can operate the application and website for the store easily

Introducing the APP SHOP features

With its special features, the application can be used in various industries to attract customers


A form of digital stamp inserted into the application. By collecting the stamps, users can redeem it with catchy rewards or discounts from the store


Consists of limited coupons and any coupons sent to all users. Coupon settings can be done easily through the admin panel by the administrator

Push Notification

With Push Notification feature, a store business owners can send various store informations to some or all app users through the management screen


Displays news that is related to the store. News content that has been input through the admin panel can be viewed in real-time by the application user

Share SNS

By connecting the app to social media (SNS), application users can provide reviews about your store and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Email and others SNS

Menu Service

Store business owners able to add, edit and delete service menus through the admin panel even after the application is released on Google Play or the AppStore


Users can provide an evaluation of the store, and the administrator can display or not about the evaluate in accordance with the policies of the owner


Using the contact form, users can send an email to the store application owner to give a feedback. Moreover, this form can also be used to order the services


On the map, users can easily find out where is your store location and find out which transport facilities available can be used to reach your store location

Web Links

The application owners also capable to add an external website links to the application to be one of the menus or unique features in the store application

Background Image Settings

Application design, especially in the header, footer, background image and color can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the store easily and quickly

Editing Feature

In the web admin panel, application owners can update the application using the available editing tools. The results will appear real-time into the application.

jasa pembuatan aplikasi

Easy and match to your favorite design

In APP SHOP, an app can be made according to your favourite design. Support various types of industries such as food, dental care, beauty salons, pharmacies, and so on. Indeed, no need peace of programming skills at all. By using the store image, beginners can easily build this application

Aplikasi O2O

APP SHOP is an iOS + android app development service with many unique features


A native application that is equipped with CMS function


Free to edit the app

This application uses the CMS (Content Management System) feature that makes it easier for you to update content even after the application is published. And equipped with unique features to make changes easy in real-time.


Native application

In order to prioritize customer safety and comfort, we developed Appkey application with native programming languages from iOS and Android. Due to a native application made by Google and APPLE company patents, this product has a fast operating speed, as well as support for OS updates, which makes users safe while using this native application.


Affordable development costs and complete operational support

Through the APPKEY service, you can create original applications without requiring much time and money. The cost that we offer for this service is a cost for 1 package application development based on the features we provide, as long as no additional features, you will not be charged for additional fees. We also provide full support even after the application has been used, so you can use this application comfortably.